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GTA Medical & Healthcare Office Space

Health Property understands that your medical, dental, chiropractic, optometric or veterinarian practice thrives on the basis of its location.

Real Estate Purchase or lease Solutions

Health Property is an Ontario based Real Estate service for Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists and Veterinarians.

Practice Buyer Representation

If you are thinking about purchasing a practice in your chosen health industry profession, we can assist you in the province of Ontario to help find for you a Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Optometric or Veterinarian practice, that best suits your individual requirements of location, size, cost etc.

Practice Seller Representation

If you are planning to sell your health practice, we will assist you every step of the process from preparing appraisal, drafting a Purchase and Sales Agreement for your attorney’s review, handling lease assignment, sales negotiations and final closing.

Lease Negotiation

A fundamental error made by health industry professionals or indeed by other tenants as well, is the initial lease presented to them by the landlord is non-negotiable.

Real Estate Investments

Most medical professionals have a financial advisor and most financial advisors create a savings and investment portfolio usually only in the financial products space. So your asset mix is really a mix of stocks and bonds alone.


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